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Imagine if nicki had actual fat girls in her video tho

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bro you look so cute right now dude. dude you are so fucking adorable 

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I made a horrible mistake


[tw: fat shaming, diet and weight loss talk]

I recently moved back home for the summer where among my friends diet culture is pretty entrenched. We’re all very good friends, and everyone is very caring - no one fat shames anyone else (most of us are at least smallish fat), no one passively…

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Research ecologists Kira Hoffman and Sarah Wickham on their morning commute. Vancouver Island, B.C.
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If you want to lie speak English.

Igbo (Afrikan) proverb (via pantherthepoet)

(Igbo, Nigerian)

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Anonymous said: what do u think about nicki skinny shaming in anaconda?


I think skinny ppl can turn off her song and open literally any magazine, watch any other video or movie and tv show and see their body types idealized and praised

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